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Titanium Anodizing

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Titanium anodizing is a completely biocompatible process and is commonly used for color-coding orthopedic implants, dental implants, medical device components, and medical instruments. Anodizing titanium generates a wide array of colors without applying an organic dye or artificial coating to the surface of the metal. It is an electrolytic process that slightly manipulates the native oxide layer of the titanium, generating a perceived color. As the molecules of the oxide layer are increased in thickness, light entering the layer refracts at different angles, resulting in the color we see, similar to how a prism works. The color perceived through the oxide layer will not change, fade or discolor over time. Since we are simply observing a perceived color, the base substrate of the titanium remains unchanged and the oxide layer stable and passive. It is important to remember that color anodize does not offer any wear resistance or anti-galling properties, and that scratches or nicks on the oxide layer will result in a change in the layer leaving the base metal to be exposed.

Why Anodize?

American Bright Works has refined our titanium anodize process to produce consistent, reproducible colors you can count on. Combined with our Ti-Polish, our process yields the most vibrant colors possible. We have found that many of our customers benefit from this combination as an extremely cost-effective way to ensure their parts are completely free of micro burrs that may remain after machining, while maintaining critical tolerances. It also provides a clean, bright surface so your parts can exhibit the most vibrant anodize finish available.

Our technicians have over 100 years of combined experience in the industry and possess the ability to configure a process to your specific needs. Fixturing for partial anodizing, including ID’s, OD’s, threaded areas, and multiple colors on a single part is all possible. We also have a unique ability to address areas that have been manufactured by Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM). It is important that the EDM layer be lifted to achieve a bright surface that will show the vibrant color desired.

Processing data is all stored in our part specific data base, ensuring process repeatability. It is important to us and you that your parts are processed exactly the same for every order submitted to American Bright Works. American Bright Works titanium anodizing is a validated process. Contact us today to see if Titanium Anodize is a good fit for your application.

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