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Chemical Deburring of Titanium

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Our Ti-Polish is a chemical immersion process that can remove burrs as well as scale and discoloration produced by heat treating, machining and EDM processing. We achieve precise solution control using etch rate monitors and other precision instrumentation.

The very tenacity of titanium can make it difficult to obtain a smooth, burr-free, bright finish, but our titanium polish is a chemical polish/etchant that does just this.  This precise chemical polish specifically for titanium easily removes burrs and Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) recast layers.  It is ideal for burr removal, easily removing feather burrs, flag burrs, cross hatch burrs, galling, fine surface scratches EDM contaminants and discoloration all while holding critical tolerances.  The final product retains critical sharp edges during processing and has a chemically clean and passive finish.

When Done Correctly, Titanium Polish Helps To:

Machining burr on ID thread:

Machining burr on ID thread

Removal of burr using titanium polish:

Removal of burr using titanium polish

At American Bright Works your precision parts are processed to your exact tolerances. Every lot processed is tracked and recorded on individual shop travelers for quality verification. Our Titanium Polishing process is a validated process. All processing data is stored in our part-specific database, ensuring process repeatability. It is important to us and you that your parts are processed exactly the same for every order submitted to American Bright Works.

Some etch systems incorporate hydrogen into the crystal lattice of the titanium, which can lead to cracking and failure due to hydrogen embrittlement. Through extensive research and development, American Bright Works has adopted solutions and processing steps to prevent this type of failure. Over the years we’ve successfully processed parts for a broad range of high demand applications. Medical, computer and aerospace industries have all benefitted from our Ti-Polish.

Ti-Polish avoids the expense of microscopic hand deburring techniques, vibratory polishing and other labor intensive methods. Contact American Bright Works today to see if our Ti-Polish is a good fit for your application.