American Bright

Titanium Anodizing


Experience the American Bright Works Advantage

At American Bright Works we understand the importance of medical device technology in the current health care industry. Our experience with implantable devices includes various finishing requirements on orthopedic bone screws and plates, pacing components and dental implants along with a wide variety of surgical tooling. We’re not afraid of challenging finishing problems. We can customize processes in our in-house research lab to produce the results you require. As needed, we can tap a network of industry professionals to assist with troubleshooting.

We invite you to submit sample parts for processing at no cost or obligation. On every job, you can be confident we will maintain strict confidence about your parts and results.

Quality Assurance

American Bright Works is certified to ISO 13485:2016. Our knowledgeable professionals are serious about the art and science of metal finishing. We set high standards for our work and strive to offer prompt, cost-effective service on every job. Certifications for your job are provided at no extra cost.

Environmentally Responsible

We’re committed to proper handling of hazardous materials to ensure the safety of our workers and to prevent ecological harm. American Bright Works is a small quantity waste generator and is in proper compliance with all city, county, state and federal regulations.