American Bright Works (ABW) was founded in 1992 to serve the medical device community and its metal finishing needs. American Bright Works brought to the medical device community an attention to detail and precision necessary for the high quality finishing needs of medical devices. The vision of focus was on medical devices, therefore declining most other work not in our core market. Over time American Bright Works earned a reputation as being a preferred metal finishing source for medical device companies and those who also serve them. At our inception this was not a guarantee for success. We were presented with many challenging projects requiring new solutions and finishing methods. Over time our philosophy has been “Produce quality work and the world will beat a path to your door.” Today, American Bright Works continues to be a leader for finishing services in the medical device community.

Our Quality Policy

As A World-Class Provider of Finishing Services for the Medical and Precision Manufacturing Industries, ABW is committed to continuous improvement and on time delivery of defect free product. To accomplish this, ABW management is committed to ensuring compliance with requirements and to maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system. Our success depends on the strength and Quality of our partnerships with our customers.

We are certified to ISO 13485:2016